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 Alien V.S Predator 2
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Cheat List
Press enter during the game, then enter one of the cheats below to get that function.
  • Show position: mpgps
  • Turn rotation display on/off: mpgrs
  • Turn size display on/off: mpsizeme
  • Turn invinicibility on/off: mpcanthurtme
  • Unlock all weapons and ammo: mpshuckit
  • Turn speed display on/off: mptachometer
  • Restart level with defaults: mpbeamme
  • No clipping on/off: mpsixthsense
  • Get full armor: mpsmithy
  • Get full ammo: mpkohler
  • Third person view on/off: mpicu
  • Edit FOV value: mpfov
  • Edit light amplification: mplightadd
  • Edit light scale: mplightscale
  • Edit vertext tint: mpvertextint
  • Edit weapon breach: mpbreach
  • Edit weapon offset 1: mpwmpos
  • Edit weapon offset 2: mpwpos
  • Full ammo: mpstockpile
  • Full armor: mpsmithy
  • Level select for all three species: mpxfiles
  • No clip on/off: mpsixthsense
  • Set health to indicated number: mpdoctordoctor
  • Unlimited ammunition: mpbunker
  • Warps character speech: mpmillertime
Press the enter key, then type mpmorph [Name of what you want to morph into]. EG: mpmorph queen

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